Ajayi Crowther University’s Management has commenced work on the Osoogun campus. Solar street lights were installed in parts of the village, the road network has been opened up and graded. Construction of Faculty building and block of lecture rooms has just commenced. The historic sites which include the 250-year-old tree to which Samuel Ajayi Crowther was tied to at the age of twelve (12) when he was captured as a slave, the remains of his family house etc had been partially fenced by the University as tourist arena. The University has fully renovated the only medical center in the village which was constructed by the Church in the 1970s but which was handed over to the government and eventually rundown. The staff of the Works Department of the University comprising the Engineers, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, and Painters has restored the building including the Wards, doctor’s quarters, Consulting Rooms, etc.

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