The Appointments and Promotions (Non-Teaching) Committee, at its 2nd Statutory Meeting held on Thursday, February 6, 2020, observed with concern the spate of applications from members of the non-teaching staff who wants to proceed on further studies on full-time study mode immediately after graduation with first or second degrees in 2019. The Committee considered the matter and decided that:

  1. Members of staff on full-time employment cannot undertake full-time studies.
  2. They can only do so under a part-time mode of study.
  3. Any member of staff who desires to take up full-time studentship can either resign his/her appointment or wait until the relevant Departments mount part-time programmes.
  4. The Postgraduate School should withdraw the admission offered to staff on full-time mode.
  5. Any member of staff who undertakes any programme of study utilizing the official time of the University and benefitting from other favours within the University must remain at his/her duty post for a period of at least one (1) year before applying for further studies again.
  6. Any member of staff given permission to undertake a part-time programme must remain in the service of the University for one year for every year of study.
  7. Members of staff should request permission for further studies and obtain approval before enrolling for such programmes.
  8. Possession of additional qualification does not result in automatic upgrading or promotion.

Kindly note the above for immediate strict compliance.

Thank you.


Adenike T. Fatogun (Mrs.)