On behalf of the Management of the University, it is my pleasure to welcome all our beloved returning students to campus after the long vacation. It is our prayer that you will have a successful 2019/2020 academic session in all ramifications in Jesus’ name.

Please note that returning students are expected to start arriving on the University on Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019 till Thursday, 3rd October, 2019. Registration for courses will commence immediately on arrival while lectures will commence on Monday, 7th October, 2019.

The University will strictly enforce the resumption deadline given above and under no circumstance will lateness to resume be tolerated.

The University gates will be shut at 7:00pm on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019 and the University will NOT take responsibility for any student who arrives after this date. Such students will become the full responsibility of their parents.

As you return to the University, therefore, you are advised to resolve to be diligent and conscientious in your academic pursuits. Please, note that all the moral upsets of the past academic session will no longer be tolerated. All University laws must be respected and obeyed as there will no longer be any waiver of the prescribed punishment for any offence.

Students are advised, in their own interest, to adopt a positive attitude to their studies as there will no longer be any make-up examination or the flexible mode of study. Any student who fails a course or courses will have to carry over such course or courses henceforth. You are, therefore, strongly advised to apply yourself seriously to your studies right from the onset of the new session.

The University will NOT enter into any communication with students or their parents once the gates are shut. Any student who fails to arrive in the University on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019 will pay a fine of ₦10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira only) for each day of lateness from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October, 2019. Such students will be allowed into the campus only after showing evidence of payment of the fine or paying to the Bursary staff stationed at the gate.

Gates will be finally shut at 7:00pm on Sunday, 6th October, 2019 and under no circumstance will any student be allowed into the campus thereafter.

Pairing of male and female students after 7:00pm each day will attract immediate sanction of suspension for one semester. Feeding in the cafeteria will not exceed 7:30pm each day. The cafeteria will be shut daily at that time (i.e., 7:30pm) as from Monday, 30th September, 2019 and cafeteria operators have been so informed. Students are advised to spend the rest of the evening in the Library before retiring to their hostels for the day.

The University’s Dress Code must be strictly observed by all students. The University has zero tolerance for dealing in hard drugs and other contraband materials. Any student caught with any such substance will face immediate expulsion from the University. Similarly, any student involved in any act of hooliganism will be summarily expelled from the University.

Attendance at lectures is COMPULSORY and any student who fails to attend at least 75% of lectures will not be eligible to write examinations.

Once more, I welcome you all back to the University and wish you a peaceful and successful 2019/2020 academic session.

God bless you all.


Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo F. Asaju