The matriculation ceremony for Postgraduate students of Christian Religious Studies was held in the Faculty of Law Auditorium today Monday 12th August 2019. The event which had in attendance over 200 Postgraduate students from various seminaries which are in collaboration with the University such as St. Francis Seminary, Wusasa, Zaria, Lagos Theological Seminary, Crowther Graduate Seminar, Abeokuta and others.

In his address to the students, the Chairman Committee of Deans, Prof. Ayotunde Ayodabo speaking for the Vice-Chancellor reminded the students of the vision of the University and their ultimate service to humanity after their academic pursuit in the University. Since most of the matriculating students are Clergy-men, he urged them to let their service to God be sound and exemplary especially now that they are part of the godly intellectuals that the University is raising. Coming to the main campus for matriculation and revision is simply meant to assure high quality which the University is known for.

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