The Vice-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Rt. Rev. Professor Dapo Asaju, has lauded the entrepreneurship programme of the students in the University, saying it would put them in good stead to become employers of labour, rather than job seekers after graduation. He made the comment  during the display of items made by students recently . The coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Centre, Professor Oyeyemi Oshin, took him round the stands, where students displayed their products. The products included repaired computers, cosmetics, insecticides, dresses, repaired car by students who learnt automobile repairs, blocks made by students who specialized in building, video and photographs by those who chose to specialize in that area, beads and accessories and other products.

Professor Asaju said the students had done well to engage in the entrepreneurship programme, irrespective of their course of study, because it will make them create jobs rather than join the long unemployment queue. He visited the display with two accreditation teams from the National University’s Commission, who came to reaccredit the University’s B.Sc Programmes in Mass Communication and Economics. The team members were also impressed with the students, saying it was the right step in the right direction.

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