University Logo

University Logo


The logo has a blue background, bounded by a white format. On this is a white cross baded on golden square on which a book with a red trim and a beaming torch are super-imposed.  At the base, the logo shows a scroll which encloses the motto.


The open book signifies knowledge and protends education in all its ramifications , and the cross signifies an intersection of the meeting of people and minds seeking for knowledge, or a confluence of a group coming together.  The beaming torch with its rays of light signifies life and inspiration engendered by knowledge, the golden square stands for high quality, endurance and academic distinction and excellence, the blue colour signifies love of humans, the white signifies peace while the red stands for the central role of  education in national development.

University Colour

Blue, white and gold.  The blue colour signifies love of humanity and the white, peace, while gold denotes treasure.