The department saddled with the responsibilities of providing services on well built environment for learning, is the Works and Services Department.  It is the life wire of a university and its function include among the followings:

  • Facilities provision for teaching and instructional aids
  • Provision of infrastructure and routine maintenance
  • Design and construction of buildings, roads network, recreation centre
  • Preparation of tenders documents for projects development and implementation
  • Reports writing on progress of capital projects
  • Advising the administration on physical planning and development
  • Monitoring and supervision of activities of service providers on cleaning and environment.

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo situated and lying along Oyo Ogbomoso road was opened to members of public in January 2005 at the old site of St. Andrew’s College of Education Oyo.
The University is well connected to 33KVA national grid for regular supply of electricity.  We also have standby generating sets for power supply.  Water supply is not a problem as all office buildings and student hostels are connected to the main water reticulation reservoir for easy flow of water.

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