The department is saddled with the responsibility of providing municipal services in a well-built environment for learning, as the life wire of the University. Its functions include the followings:

  • Facilities provision for teaching and instructional aids
  • Provision of infrastructure and routine maintenance
  • Design and construction of buildings, roads network, and recreation center
  • Preparation of tenders documents for projects development and implementation
  • Reports writing on the progress of capital projects
  • Advising the administration on physical planning and development
  • Monitoring and supervision of activities of service providers on cleaning and environment.

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo situated and lying along Oyo Ogbomoso road was opened to members of the public in January 2005 at the old site of St. Andrew’s College of Education Oyo.

The University is well connected to the 33KVA national grid for a regular supply of electricity.  We also have standby generating sets for power supply.  Water supply is not a problem as all office buildings and student hostels are connected to the main water reticulation reservoir for easy flow of water.

The University has installed fibre-optics and 24/7 internet connectivity for members of the academic community including staff and students to increase opportunities for study through digital technology and modern techniques.

The post of Director of Works is currently vacant, while the Directorate is supervised through the Vice-Chancellor’s Office by an Acting Director – Dr. Engr. Akinwonmi

wdt_ID id Passport Faculty Department/Unit Full Name Staff ID Status Post Gender Qualifications Phone Number Email Address Research Interests Recent Publications Professional Associations
829 Vice-Chancellor's Office Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo Asaju Vice-Chancellor M B.A, M.A., Ph.D. 8037215992 [email protected] 0
830 Vice-Chancellor's Office Mr. Michael O. Abikoye Deputy Registrar M Dip., PGD Public Admin 8033614174 [email protected] 0
831 Vice-Chancellor's Office Rev. Alvan Ewuzie SAR/PRO M M.L.S, BA 8033046885 [email protected] 0
832 Vice-Chancellor's Office Mr. Samuel O. Ogunrinde Assistant Registrar M M.Eng., M.Phil 8155861638 [email protected] 0
833 Vice-Chancellor's Office Mr. Oloyede, K. Amos Asst. Chief Per.Sec. M HND, BSc., PGDPA 8036396666 [email protected] 0
834 Vice-Chancellor's Office Mr. Oluwaseyi O. Aikulola Comp. Operator M OND, HND 8133548855 [email protected] 0
835 Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office Prof. Jacob O. Adeniyi Deputy Vice-Chancellor M B.Sc., D.C.S., M.Sc., Ph.D. 8081910707 [email protected], [email protected] 0
836 Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office Mrs. Foyeke B. Agbongiaban Comp. Operator F B.Sc. 8082062825 [email protected] 0
837 Registrar's Office Mrs. Adenike T. Fatogun Registrar F B.A, M.Ed 8162707728 [email protected] 0
838 Registrar's Office Mr. Isaac O. Akhanolu PAR M B.A, M.Sc Pol.Science 8036200107 [email protected] 0
839 Registrar's Office Mr. L. Abayomi Oduntan Snr. Asst. Registrar M HND PGD. MPP 8032224847 [email protected] 0
840 Registrar's Office Mrs Modupe H.E. Alaba Assistant Registrar F B.Sc., M.Ed. Bus. Edu 7055805144 [email protected] 0
841 Registrar's Office Mrs. Onawona, Y.Omolara Assistant Registrar F B.A., M.A 7070204426 [email protected] 0
842 Registrar's Office Mrs. Caroline O. Oyaleke Administrative Officer I F B.Ed 8035245614 [email protected] 0
843 Registrar's Office Mrs. Olubusayo O. Teju-Ojo Admin. Officer I F B.Sc., MCB 8038060335 [email protected] 0
844 Registrar's Office Miss. AWE, A. Adebukola Admin Officer II F NCE, B.A French 8162944290 [email protected] 0
845 Registrar's Office Mr. Oluwaseun Adeniyi Admin. Officer II M B.Sc 8034741173 [email protected] 0
846 Registrar's Office Mr. Ajibade A. Afonja Admin. Officer II M B.Sc. M.Sc. Pol. Sc. 8033956258 [email protected] 0
847 Registrar's Office Mr. Adewale A. Adedapo Con. Sec. I M HND, P.GD. 8052287723 [email protected] 0
848 Registrar's Office Mrs. M. Esther Akinade Conf. Sec II F OND PGD M.Sc [email protected] 0
849 Registrar's Office Mr. Adebowale S. Teteye Comp. Operator M OND, HND 8067904232 [email protected] 0
850 Bursary Mr. Olojede, S. Olusola Bursar M HND B.Sc. FCA [email protected]
851 Bursary Mr. Ayanwale, R. Olu Deputy Bursar M HND; B.Sc;AAT,ACA 8068753469 [email protected] 0
852 Bursary Mr. Taiwo, O. Mathew Principal Accountant M B.Sc. ACA [email protected] 0
853 Bursary Mrs. Akinkunmi, A. Anike Senior Accountant F B.Sc. MBA [email protected]. 0
854 Bursary Mrs. Adeleke, B. Omoboade Snr. Executive Officer F HND Accounting 8060606594 [email protected]. 0
855 Bursary Mr. Daniel, E. Eyitayo Accountant I M HND, PGD, MBA 7056541087 [email protected] 0
856 Bursary Mr. A.A. Fawole Accountant 1 M BSC. 7069636468 [email protected] 0
857 Bursary Mr. Adeleke, A.Babawale Snr. Executive Officer M B.Sc. Accounting 8030779390 [email protected]. 0
858 Bursary Mr. Atanda, A. Bolanle H.E.O. M HND Accounting 8032239663 [email protected] 0
859 Bursary Mrs. Osunkunle, O. O. H.E.O. F HND Accounting 8034130452 [email protected]. 0
860 Bursary Mr. Ajayi, Olabode H.E.O. M HND Accounting 7031353073 [email protected] 0
861 Bursary Mrs. Ahonfoh, O. Oluwakemi H.E.O. F HND Accounting 8032446109 [email protected] 0
862 Bursary Mrs. Daodu, F. Olorunnisola Snr. Per. Secretary F B.Sc. Sec. Admin. 8033801308 [email protected] 0
863 University Library Dr. Mrs. Beatrice A.Fabunmi University Librarian F PhD 8038542341 0
864 University Library Dr. Mrs. Mbofung, U. Inyang Principal Librarian F PhD, LAIS 8038985891 [email protected] 0
865 University Library Miss. Fasola, O.S. Senior Librarian F MLS 9096174242 [email protected] 0
866 University Library Mrs. Oso, O. Olutoyin Librarian I F MLS, BSC, NCE 8030692722 [email protected] 0
867 University Library Mr. Bamgbose, Oludayo .J. Law Librarian / Librarian I M BLIS, MLIS, LLB, & BL 8033505916 0
868 University Library Mr. Olaide, T. Akinbo Librarian II M DLS, BLIS, MLIS 8102137989 [email protected] 0
869 University Library Mr. Olaniyi, S. Adeolu Assistant Librarian M B.Sc, HND 7065947747 [email protected] 0
870 University Library Mrs. Oyadele, O.Grace Assistant Librarian F B.Sc, & NCE 8165149306 [email protected] 0
871 University Library Mr. Amoo, M. Ademola Prin.Lib. Officer M B.Ed, Dip. LIS 8035330522 [email protected] 0
872 University Library Mr. Adekunle E. Oyadeyi Senior Library Officer M HND (LIS) 7035093924 [email protected] 0
873 University Library Mr. Samson A. Adeniran Library Officer II M B.Sc. Lib. Infor. Sc. 8164054596 [email protected] 0
874 University Library Mrs. Odunola E. Olaniyan Library Officer II M Dip. Library Sc. 7066714765 [email protected] 0
875 University Library Mr. Omideyi, D. Andrew System Analyst I M M.Sc, BSc (C. Eng) 8037287031 [email protected] 0
876 University Library Mrs. Olatunde, A.Victoria Principal Lib. Assistant F NCE, B.Ed 8038688606 0
877 University Library Mr. Fakunle, S. Morakinyo Principal Lib. Assistant M B.Ed , NCE 8030744451 [email protected] 0
878 University Library Mr. Oladeji, D. Olufemi Principal Lib. Assistant M B.Ed & NCE 8032094228 [email protected] 0
879 University Library Mrs. Aderibigbe, D. Atilola Principal Lib. Assistant F NCE & B.Ed 7059998376 [email protected] 0
880 University Library Mr. Akinpelu, A. Samson Library Assistant M NCE 8134783576 [email protected] 0
881 University Library Mrs. Ayinde, R. Adebimpe Library Assistant M NCE 8036455429 [email protected] 0
882 University Library Miss. Ilupeju, O. Ayanbimpe Library Assistant F N.C.E 8135957978 [email protected] 0
883 University Library Miss. Akinade, V. Toyin Library Assistant F NCE 7066401086 [email protected] 0
884 University Library Mrs. Akinlabi, F. Racheal Library Assistant F B.Ed 7067933792 [email protected] 0
885 University Library Mrs. Bolaji, Olufunke Anike Library Assistant F NCE, Grade II 8067444475 0
886 University Library Mr. Okeniyi, Abraham A. Library Assistant M NCE 7060897205 [email protected] 0
887 University Library Mrs. Oyebola, E. Adeniran Snr. Library Porter F NCE 8074815560 [email protected] 0
888 University Library Mrs. R. Ronke Taiwo Snr. Library Porter F B.Ed., & NCE 8131119653 [email protected] 0
889 University Library Mr. Idowu, Elijah O. Library Porter M NCE 8062221136 [email protected] 0
890 University Library Mr. Ajala, Olalekan P. Library Porter M B.Sc. Ed. 8160320281 [email protected] 0
891 University Library Mr. Oluwatunmise A. Ajisebiola Library Porter M HND, Dip. In PHE 7034798196 [email protected] 0
892 University Library Mrs. Omenka, Odoete I.N. Prin. Personal Sec. F HND 8035448151 [email protected] 0
893 Chaplaincy Ven. Taiwo Olodude University Chaplain M B. Agric, Master of Theology 8030730151 [email protected] 0
894 Security Unit Ven. Capt. Samuel Akinade Chief Security Officer M Diploma 7035149439 [email protected] 0
895 Internal Audit Mr. Gideon O. Abolade Accountant II M B.Sc Accounting 8033479147 [email protected] 0
896 Academic Planning Prof. Sunday Tunji Titilola Director of Academic Planning M Ph.D., MSc, 80893303 [email protected] 0
897 Academic Planning Mr. A.O. Orodiran SPO M B.A. (Ed), M.Ed. M.A. 8033563077 [email protected] 0
898 Academic Planning Mr. M.O. Ajao Planning Officer I M B.Sc. MIS .M.Sc. 8039175124 [email protected] 0
899 Academic Planning Mrs. Ayun, F.S ACC Operator F Diploma and B.Ed. 8168539002 [email protected] 0
900 Students' Affairs Dr. Alabi, O.F. Director M Ph.D, M.A., B.Ed 7066662503 [email protected] 0
901 Students' Affairs Mr. D.M. Oyatunde Admin. Officer I M B.A. Ed., M.P.A. 8060741528 [email protected] 0
902 Students' Affairs Mrs. Mary O. Okwezuzu Admin. Officer I F B.Sc. Sec. Ed. 8154853292 [email protected] 0
903 Students' Affairs Mrs. Ololade A.Olodude Admin. Officer II F B.Ed 8162489153 [email protected] 0
904 Students' Affairs Mr. W.A. Adeleke Con. Sec. I M Adv. Diploma 8033964686 [email protected] 0
905 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Damola A. Oderin M 8033688883 0
906 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Kayode O. Adetoro M 7031102066 0
907 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Mathew A. Afolabi M 7038127403 0
908 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Micheal O. Adewale M NCE 8034494709 0
909 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Adewale O. Ogundapo M 8061117925 0
910 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Mathew O. Oyesoji M 8034672789 0
911 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. Oladapo E. Egbeyinka M NCE 8167508500 0
912 DLH - Hostel Staff Mr. David A. Oladipo M NCE 8146527597 0
913 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Oluwatosi S. Olayiwola M 8134718520 0
914 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Adebayo A. Ayoola M 8065075922 0
915 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Abiodun M. Ashamu M B.Sc (Bus. Admin) 8139529851 0
916 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Kehinde M. Alli M 8032585279 0
917 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Oluwole D. Ogunrinmade M 7036116528 0
918 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Gbenga D. Oyekan M 8066188313 0
919 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Abimbola Dolamu M 8033867385 0
920 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Olanrewaju S. Ayeni M 8039231416 0
921 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Kunle O. Opadosu M 8135913691 0
922 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Samuel O. Adeniran M NCE 7030613682 0
923 JAH - Hostel Staff Mr. Seun O. Alagbe M 8069704656 0
924 UHF - Hostel Staff Miss Aderonke M. Afolabi F 7037999257 0
925 UHF - Hostel Staff Miss Oluemisi G. Awodiran F 8063008074 0
926 UHF - Hostel Staff Mrs. Bolanle I. Bolarinwa F 8059532365 0
927 UHF - Hostel Staff Mrs. Abass J. Habib F 8162118292 0
928 UHF - Hostel Staff Mrs. Omolani Y. Kuye F 8034300309 0