The Registry

The Registry provides administrative functions and management services to the University in the central administration (Vice-Chancellery and Registry) as well as other essential and support services in the Postgraduate School, Faculties, Academic Directorates, Departments and other Academic Service Units. The contact points at the core and ancillary offices of the Registry are:

Registry Staff
Email for Correspondences
Telephone No.
Office of the Registrar

Admin. Assist. to Registrar

Dr. J.E.T. Babatola

Mr. S. Adeniyi

Registrar & Secretary to Council


Academic Affairs Division

Examinations & Records Office


Admissions Office


Academic Matters & Senate Desk

Committees of Senate Desk

Mr. L.A. Oduntan 

Mrs. O. Olabode

Mrs. D. Onoh
Ms. O. Olojede

Mr. A. Adedapo

Mrs. B. Larmie

Mr. J. Irabor      

Mr. A. Ijagbemi







Human Resources Division

Establishment (Academic)
Establishment (Administrative & Technical Senior)
Establishment (Junior) & Facility Management
Human Resources Development Unit

Mrs. F. Daniel


Mrs. A. Abegunde

Mr. G. Adeyeye

 Mr. Omolasoye

 Ms. F. Sanni






Council Affairs and General Administration Division
Mrs. A. Adeniyi
Mrs. T.R. Adeyemi

Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Officer

NYSC Desk Officer

Dean (Reports to VC)

Mrs. M.H. Alaba

 Mrs. C. Oyaleke



School of Postgraduate Studies

Mr. I. Akhanolu

Mr. A. Oloyede
Mr. A.A. Afonja

Deputy Registrar/
Faculties, Academic Departments & Programmes
Check for details of Registry Staff where required

Schedule of Duties of the Registrar

  1. Responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day efficient administration and management services of the University as Chief Administrative Officer (except in financial matters that are in the purview of Bursary).
  2. Serving as the Secretary to the Governing Council, Senate, Congregation, Convocation and their Committees for which he may appoint Officers to act on his behalf, if required while coordinating all meetings of administrative committees.
  3. Serving as Member/Secretary of relevant University Committees for the purpose of record keeping, rules compliance and instrumentation of statutes for policy formulation, decision making and implementation of decisions by officers of the University and all statutory bodies.
  4. Custodian of records, rules of proceedings, minutes and coordination of secretarial duties for office management in areas of record of meetings and proper keeping of statutory/relevant records for Compliance with University rules and administrative guidance.
  5. Custodian of the seal of the University as required and determined by Council for issuance of Certificate and records of the University including signing of Certificates.
  6. Responsible for external communications, advertisement, announcements and general correspondences of the University subject to directions of the Vice-Chancellor.
  7. Serving as an Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on administrative matters including advising on periodic review of condition of service, staff welfare and discipline.
  8. Promoting interpersonal and good working relationships between all categories of staff in the University and ensuring compliance with University rules and regulations and application of appropriate disciplinary measures as required by the rule book.
  9. Initiating and advising on training needs and manpower development of University staff and responsible for the interpretation of circulars/regulations on personnel matters including staff entitlements subject to further appeal to the Vice-Chancellor and Council.
  10. Taking charge of the Registry by providing leadership as the custodian and interpreter of the University rules and regulations and the gatekeeper of records.
  11. Responsible for the harmonization of the work of all Faculty Officers and Administrative Secretaries in the various organs of the University (though the Officers report to their respective Deans duties in the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Faculty/School).
  12. Performing any other duties as required by law as directed by the Governing Council or the Vice-Chancellor in line with functions/schedule of duties of Registrar/Registry in the University.

Dr. J.E.T. Babatola JP
B.A (Hons) History, M.Sc Political Science (Public Administration) Ibadan, Ph.D (History and International Studies) Ado-Ekiti, FNIM, FCIA, FIMC, FCAI, MAUA (UK), MAIAE (USA), MANUPA, MCIPM, ACIS, ANIE
Registrar & Secretary to Council, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo