History & International Studies – Philosophy and Objectives

The degree programme in History and International Studies is aimed at producing candidates who would have acquired sound intellectual capacity and analytical skills to enable them become enlightened and responsible Nigeria citizens of the international community. The programme is planned to play a mutual enriching role with other degree programmes in the humanities. The first degree programme is expected to lay a strong foundation upon which its products could build their career prospects in a variety of services and professions, both nationally and internationally.

The programme is conceived as a good preparation for effective participation in public life, locally, nationally and internationally, and for careers in:

i. the academic, as in different levels of the educational sector;
ii. the public services – in the bureaucracies and diplomatic and foreign services;
iii. the cultural sector – public and private;
iv. the mass media;
v. the commercial and industrial sectors; and
vi. the spiritual communities and organizations.

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