My dear Students,

I pray for you and wish you God’s help for retentive memory, correct answers , favour and great success as you start your second semester examinations tomorrow. Final year / graduating students will excel and finish well in Jesus’ name. Amen. God bless and keep your parents to witness your convocation and your future glory as shining stars globally, Amen.

We thank God for huge success in the conduct of Law Faculty Examinations across various towns and cities of the country last week.

The examinations for other faculties will be conducted using the same online mode employed during the recent Mid-Semester Examinations. Your forthcoming exams. will combine objective tests and essay questions.

Please read widely, read the vast resources available on the internet as complement to your lecturers notes. Listen also to many audio-visual lectures available on YouTube, on the various topics and subjects taught by professors and lecturers of different universities all over the world .

Your published results for the Mid-Semester exams should propel you to aspire unto higher grades in the real exams.

Pray before starting any examination, plan and jot down your answers to each selected question early before writing them down in clear language and organized manner. Be confident in God’s inspiration. Avoid any temptation to cheat. Be proud of your own results and make God and your parents proud . God bless you and perfect all that concerns you all in Jesus’ name.

Daddy VC