FRSC approves Special Marshall Unit for Ajayi Crowther University

Authorities of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has approved a special Marshall unit to be domiciled in Ajayi Crowther University. The approval was conveyed when a delegation of Special Marshals in Oyo State, led by the state coordinator, Pastor A. Ilesanmi, paid a thank-you visit to the University yesterday(2-6-23). The delegation, which was joined by members of the Special Marhsall members in the University, came to thank the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Timothy Abiodun Adebayo, for donating a professional table tennis board to the unit for recreational purposes. Pastor Ilesanmi thanked the Vice-Chancellor and announced that the Federal Road Safety Corps in Oyo State is so happy with the University that a unit has been approved for it. This means that the University will no longer be attached to Unit 6, Atiba.

The Vice-Chancellor, in his response, stated that members of the Special Marshal play a vital role in ensuring that motorists drive safely, and obey traffic rules, assuring members that the University will continue to support them as much as it could. The vice- Chancellor also used the opportunity to commission caution signage mounted by the ACUFRSC Marshall near the University gate.