Please recall that the University had earlier alerted parents/sponsors of Ajayi Crowther University students to the need for their children/wards to carry out certain laboratory investigations to ascertain their health status and bring along to the University the reports of such investigations when coming to resume studies. The investigations are:

  1. Full blood count
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Stool Microscopy
  4. Blood group
  5. Genotype
  6. Digital chest X-ray with a Consultant Radiologist’s Report

Management, however, observed with displeasure that many students are yet to submit the required laboratory investigation reports.

Parents/Sponsors are again reminded of the above requirements which, in addition to evidence of payment of fees, will be demanded of every student before he/she is granted access into the University campus on resumption for the second semester.

Management also observed that many students do not provide correct information about their health status/medical history, especially as it affects their genotype, with the result that the University is unaware of their health status. Consequently, the management of students, for instance, those with sickle cell ailments, poses a lot of difficulties when they go into crisis which could have been avoided if the University had been provided with detailed and correct information by the affected student(s).

Parents/Sponsors are reminded that the University occupies in loco parentis status to the students while they are on the campus and should, therefore, have detailed and correct information on the health status of every student in order to be in a position to prevent them running into crises as much as possible, and to be able to effectively manage anyone who inevitably goes into crises.

Parents/Sponsors are, therefore, enjoined to ensure that their children/wards undergo the prescribed laboratory investigations and come along with the results on resumption for the second semester as any student who does not comply with this directive will not be allowed into the University campus.

Thank you.


Adenike T. Fatogun (Mrs.)