Yesterday, the Vice-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Professor Timothy Adebayo, addressed a meeting of the Diocesan Supra Board (West), the Proprietor of Ajayi Crowther University. He told bishops from 0ver 60 dioceses that make up the Board, some of the progress he has made in his short stay in office which include completion of a modern Bakery, purchase of new Bottle Blower for the water factory and establishment of Ajayi Crowther University Farm. He said the projects were done with internally generated revenue. After him, the Chancellor of the University, Chief Dr. Tunde J. Afolabi (MFR), also addressed the Bishops. He assured them that the Committee entrusted raising funds for the University were working hard, and had contacted people who are interested in investing in the University. The Treasurer of the Board, Chief Dr. Toyin Okeowo, told the bishops that some investors have been invited to the University, saying that a fast-growing University like Ajayi Crowther, where monthly salary wage bill is ₦75 million, and growing, requires funding. He told the Proprietor that it would be kept abreast of developments in the University. Later, the bishops prayed for the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and the University Management, that God will equip them with the wisdom to take the University to greater heights.