Welcome to the T. Y. Danjuma Library

Academic development is seriously dependent on the quality of the Library.  In Ajayi Crowther University, we can boast  of a Building that is imposing and that, for years to come, will be most suitable and adequate for all forms of expansion that are bound to take place as the University grows in number of academic programmes, staff and students.  Presently our Library can sit 1,500 users conveniently.  The book holdings in the Library have also increased from 3,000 in 2007 to over 20,000.

The Virtual Library, a critical tool of research in these modern times is an important feature of the T.Y. Danjuma Library.  The Library is a big asset to the University and the University will not relent in making it one of the best university libraries in the country in terms of facilities and services.

Registration to Use the University Library
Every User of the Library; be it Student, Staff, Researcher etc., is expected to register and obtain a pass and an Identity Card. These authorize access to the resources and materials.