Ajayi Crowther University requires that students undertake a structured program in General Studies to complement the more specialized learning undertaken in a student’s chosen field of study.

The General Studies Program at ACU is based on the philosophy that students should be equipped with certain intellectual as well as entrepreneurial skills if they are to understand the complex dynamics of the modern society

The General Studies Programme is multidisciplinary, requiring study in a variety of areas that include philosophy, science, social science, medical and citizenship education, among others. In addition, the GS programme provides opportunities for the students to develop entrepreneurial skills that will make them employers of labour if they so desire. The programme is designed to enable students to:

  • acquire knowledge through critical information gathering, including reading and  computer-assisted searching;
  • communicate effectively in both  written and oral English language , and have some working knowledge of the French language;
  • make critical judgments in a logical and rational manner;
  • develop the skills to maintain health and understand the factors that impinge upon it;
  • gain understanding of ethnic interdependence and cultural diversity and develop consideration for values, lifestyles, and traditions of the various ethnic  groups in Nigeria;
  • acquire proper value orientation which will enable them cultivate desirable habits, attitudes, patriotism, nationalism and foster the spirit of service to humanity;
  • acquire effective working skills to make them employable and also develop entrepreneurial skills that will enable them become employers of labour.

Components of General Studies
 The General Studies requirements are common to all degree programs at ACU. To be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree a student must take and pass the prescribed General Studies courses and obtain a minimum of 15 credits. The grades of these courses will be computed into the overall credit requirements for the award of a degree. The General Studies courses are offered in the first and second years of the student in the University. The course selections are designed to provide students with a well-rounded academic experience within an integrated curriculum that allows for individual flexibility. The components of the program are:

  • Skills courses that help develop quantitative and communication skills:

Communication in English I and II; Communication in French

  • Skill course that enables the students to synthesis and correctly document information from credible sources for scholarly use:

Use of Library, Information and Communication Technology

  • Courses in the Knowledge Domains of the Humanities, Social and Management Sciences and the Sciences that provide a broad overview of the world in which we live.

Introduction to Health Education
Introduction to Logic and Philosophy
Nigerian Peoples and Culture
History and Philosophy of Science
Introduction to Social Science

  • Skill course that enables students to approach and address a variety of local and national issues from an ethical framework and to effectively promote the common good:


         Ethical and Citizenship Education

  • Skills in Entrepreneurship

         Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies I and II
In the Entrepreneurial Studies II the following vocational skills are taught:
                           – Website design and computer hardware repair and maintenances
                           – Photography
                           – Interior and exterior decoration
                           – Events planning and management
                           – Catering and confectionery
                           – Advanced Textile
                           – Painting and architectural design
                           – Knitting
                           – Soap, detergent and disinfectant production

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